Our dedication to

the environment

Ensuring our products, materials and packaging are as ethically and environmentally responsible as possible is of huge importance to us.



We are continuously searching for new ways to minimise our impact on the environment and ensure the products/brands we stock are ethically sound. 

Our newest editions have been compostable mailing satchels, compostable label tape and stickers printed with soy ink, landfill degradable bubblewrap, sticky tape and zip lock baggies from our friends at Biogone and Noissue. 

All the goodies in our packs are packaged in degradable cardboard boxes with compostable stickers, protected by either landfill degradable bubblewrap or compostable 'honey comb' wrapping.  They are then sent to you in compostable or landfill degradable satchels.

We can proudly say all of our branded products are 100% Vegan!



StarBrite Ink™ --

100% Vegan 

INK-EEZE™ Green Glide --

100% Vegan 

S8 Tattoo™ Products --

100% Vegan 

Mom's Millenium Ink® --

100% Vegan 

Tattoo Goo® Products -- PETA approved 100% vegan 

Vegan Badge 4

We try to ensure any packaging or product that is not biodegradable or compostable is recyclable. We encourage customers to recycle all hard plastics, foils, paper and cardboard through standard roadside collection recycling and to recycle all soft plastic at your nearest REDcycle™ drop off bin (located at most supermarkets).

For more info on REDcycle™          https://www.redcycle.net.au/